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Living Annuity

The Alexforbes Invest Living Annuity could give you more years of income in retirement thanks to low fees.

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Retirement annuity

Start a Retirement Annuity today. Or switch your existing Retirement Annuity, Preservation Fund, Pension Fund or Provident Fund to Alexforbes Invest.

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Preservation funds

The Alexforbes Invest Preservation fund allows you to preserve your retirement funds when you leave your employer. Your funds grow tax free while in our preservation funds.

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Tax-free Investing

Grow your wealth by saving towards your long-term goals without having to pay tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains.

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Global investing

A world of investment opportunity exists beyond our borders. Get 100% global investment exposure at a transparent low fee.

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General investing

Create a standard investment account and invest unlimited amounts towards your goals monthly and in lump sums.

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Here’s what makes our investing and retirement offerings different

Our revolutionary Onefee model

With our Onefee, you can pay as little as 0.45% per year. And that means you could get a lot more out of your investment.

Our fee structure shows your total fee on your statement in Rands and Cents and not percentage.

We believe that showing your fee amount in Rands and Cents keeps things as simple and transparent as possible.

With recent developments in medicine, we have a good chance of living longer than previous generations. So keeping fees low can help give your investments longevity to match our increasing life expectancy.

Did you know a 60-year-old today has a good chance of living to the age of 90 or more.

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Skilled financial advisers

Alexforbes Invest is a hybrid that offers both online Digital-Advice and advice from our skilled financial advisers.

This gives you the speed and accuracy of our investment technology combined with the care and skill of our human advisers. In short, you get the best of both worlds.

Investment funds that think ahead

We’ve simplified the investment universe by replacing the need for hundreds of investment funds with just five.

Our investment portfolios are designed with increasing levels of equities, incorporating both local and offshore diversification, and we’ve added a money market fund to the mix.

These highly efficient, low-cost funds look into the future of investment management to help you reach your goals.

Outcomes-based investing

We’ve designed a user-friendly investment monitoring system to help you keep your investments on track to achieve your investing and retirement goals.

Calculate your investment's performance against its forecasted outcome and watch in real-time as the system considers changes in the market value of your investment and in contributions or withdrawals.

If you find that you’re not on track to reach your investing and retirement goals, we’ll even suggest practical ways in which you can get your investment back on course.

If you’re looking for a brand that’s a market leader for financial services companies, look no further than Alexforbes Invest

Leading the retirement and investment landscape is our focus and we put you at the forefront of everything we do – making advice more accessible, investing more rewarding, and your goals more achievable.

Start your journey with us today and see just how much more you can get out of your investments.

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